My monster went for a swim!

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Stoke on Trent
Well went out for a bash sunday, check the vid [youtube]usA4l4mVpEs[/youtube]

Result = front end completely submerged under water right upto the engine, spektrum RX soaked, throttle servo soaked, hitec 5745 dry as a bone,they are sealed really well!

Well i took it all apart and dried it in the oven, after letting it warm up and turning it off and everything is working well. I consider myself very lucky!!!!!!

Funny looking back, but very stupid:clown:
Amazing how things like rivers don't leap out of the way when the truck is coming.:boat:

Looks like you were practicing for a big jump - across the river maybe?:clown: Better luck next itme.
I'll try and get the file off my mates phone for you soon.

The gear should be ok, the RX was dried well and the servo greased up again so i think it will be fine. The biggest problem is running power through a wet pcb, that is bad and usually kills a circuit!
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