My new Baja Body.

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LSF Vendor!
LSF vendor
Sonoma County CA
Here is just a quick snap shot of my new Baja body.
I will take some detailed shots that better show off all the extremely intricate shading, fades, outlines and details that you just cant see in this shot.

I sent the unpainted body off to my buddy Joe (NCNITRO) with no expectations whatsoever. A simple PM to him that said HAVE FUN!!. A few weeks later I get a package in the mail. When I opened it up I was totally blown away. Words cant describe how happy I am. I have never seen work like this in my life. NEVER!!

This photo does the body no justice at all NONE. I will try to get better photos that show the talent that NCNITRO has. He does this for fun and isnt a pro.


All the work is drawn masked, and painted. No stickers used at all. Its all painted.


I was just talking to Joe a few days back as he's painting my FG monster truck body for me and was telling me about your body he painted. Looks pretty sweet, can't wait to see it up close!

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