my new Lauterbacher supercross

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Hamilton Ontario Canada
here a few pics of my new to me lauterbecher supercross
zen tuned 23 , adjustable diff , samba, hydros , tonegawa steer sanwa throttle brakes and the pure performance of a lauterbacher supercross
Now that looks cool.... Im loving the fuel cap, never seen anything like it. Bet it goes like a bat out of hell too!

I also really like how the engine is laid down like that exposing the filter to good air flow as well as keeping the weight down low.
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Hey cyclops....very nice lookin run it yet?? How is it??
Ive been toying with the idea of a buggy......dunno yet....
Been awhile sine ive been here.....slowly gettin back into the swing of things;)
Thanks guys .. my first run will be this coming weekend , i feel like a kid in a candy store , but yes the COG is really great i ran it before , looking forward to next season because Belleville's building a 1/5 track so hopefully it performs well on the track , one and only downfall if parts !! once i change the front ball ends too metal im good as gold i think .. i no i wont race nearly as much as euro drivers and they hardly break anything on these with the metal ball ends all around .
Cheers Guys !
Large Scale Quick release Fuel Cap

That fuel cap is available for sale from Rapid Racing in the UK.

Good Luck


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    1 5 quick release gas cap.jpg
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well i have been running this machine with the SLD killers and the area i been doesn't hook up well .. so i threw on the leopard rim and rubber with the spikes and those tires were weapon of choice . man i love this , it really is a great handling machine , i didnt flip it once , ran like it was on rails ..
Anyways thats about that for my experience with the Supercross
had it out again while the snow is slowly melting ,but i changed the gearing to 20/44 from 18/46 and this gearing was alot better for controllable starts and crazy top end .things a bullet IMO and i put the sld's killer tires back on and hooked up well but are wearing really fast . well now the clean up ... i need a pit biatch for clean up's .. lol ..
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