NATC 1:5 scale Series

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May 20th at the freshly re-surfaced SV Speedway the NATC Series returns! Members of team Molzer Mowery Racing will be there will you?

NATC series is Sponsoed by Zenoah!

May 20, 2007 (08:00 - 2359)
Round 4 of the NATC series will be held at Sun Valley Speedway on May 20 and will be on an Alternative Layout and a Brand New Surface!

June 8 (08:00) - June 10 (2359), 2007
WOOO HOO!!! The MOST anticipated race of the season! This event will be held at Timezone in Washington. And, since they will more than likely host the 2007 Nationals for 1/5 scale, this is a definite MUST!!!

July 22, 2007 (All Day)
2007 round 6 will be held at SV Speedway utilizing the "Alternate Course"

August 19, 2007 (All Day)
This is our second visit to the RAMS club this year. Not to mention a great group of racers!
Round 4 NATC Series May 20, 2007
SV Speedway Sun Valley California
Temp cool 64 in the morning by “Main” time was 70 degrees

With my Molzer Mowery Racing RS5 Nomadio inside, WOW WHAT A DAY!

Getting my son into R/C racing so why not go 1:5 scale?
Here is Nathan and his out of the box Ford GT (
Its no RS5 or FG Molzer Mowery Racing but for the task at hand you bet, its cheap enough to let him learn large scale.
Car worked shockingly well for out of the Box $550 RTR 1:5 scale promo code NATC
Nathan and "His" Nomadio did well but he decided that he was not yet up to a 30 main, so he settled with his quals.
Set up was normal, but here is a shock the STOCK KIT TIRES were the ticket!!!

Race Report:
I spent my time getting Nathan ready / being pit dad even though our heats were back to back, I went out and qualified 4th for my main. That RS5 is a JOY to drive (insert thanks to Molzer Mowery racing and Modelcargo hand shake here). In the main the "pack" was all bunched up like a big wad of 1:5 scales going three wide in the turns, double wide down the back straight and crazy stuff like that. So I decided to hang back for the first few minutes and let them punt each other for giggles. Sure enough by the half way mark I was in #2 where I put a lap or two on the others in the field and tried to keep #1 from slapping a lap on me. My MOLZER MOWERY RACING RS5 was a HOOT to drive on the freshly re-surfaced SV track. GRP "B" up front and "A" out back 3 degrees of rear camber and she was good to go, go, go. I was happy to share a few parts with a “NEW” 1:5 scale Racer in the series, nice to see that the RS5s are starting to show up more and more at the races out here. I bumped up to the “BIG” show but had to wave off Mimi my 14 year old was receiving her silver award from the Girl Scouts so Nathan and I packed up after having a GREAT time at SV racing our 1:5 scale cars.

Side Bar:
Alan Trump was having a “BAD” day all sorts of really weird stuff just kept happening to him perplexed, he was driving and the car went into failsafe but it was weird on the bench the NOMADIO REACT radio worked perfect but start the motor and NO radio. So we swapped out the receiver as we were doing that I noticed the LED was not blinking sure enough it was his battery pack NOT THE RADIO! What is really cool about this is the Nomadio receiver cap had enough power to failsafe this 1:5 scale car, other systems and a “bad pack” would have resulted in a run away> Nomadio saved a bad day from becoming a really bad costly day!

Here are some shots I took at the track enjoy.

Randy W.
Got Gas?
Oh yeah that was a fun run!
Wonder why I was hanging around Randy’s Pit?
Careful that’s his daughter ;)

Rafa V.
I took more but the camer did not have the power to save them needs a low voltage failsafe like my Nomadio react has :D

Eric P. and his Molzer Mowery RS5 with Nomadio inside
Lito R.

Victor G.

And the BEST for LAST!
Team mate Dave Rink,

So sorry to the rest of the people I “thought” I took photos of they did not save on the camera.
The 1:5 scale So Cal R/C Riders had great team shirts and I am peeved they did not save on the camera.

Smooth Sailing,
Karlton Spindle
"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has it's limits."
-- Albert Einstein
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