Need a Trailer for my R/C Boat

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Austin Texas
Anyone have any idea where i can get a boat trailer to pull behind my MCD mt the boat is 57" long. I tryed WhiteBone but they don't write back.
Thanks for any INFO
Perry Cain
Anyone have any idea where i can get a boat trailer to pull behind my MCD mt the boat is 57" long. I tryed WhiteBone but they don't write back.
Thanks for any INFO
Perry Cain

I have always built my own. Not to hard, Boat trailers have simple construction design. Never have found anyone that built them.
I saw that one today i had a real one like that years ago it was a single axle EZload it was a great trailer. but this one is a little short 46" and my boat alone is 57" but thank you. I did get ahold of Whitebone and rocky is making me one. here is the address if you guys would like to check it out
Hey Perry,
This dude in Malta names Rich has tried to buy my Apache, Magnum, Shockwave in the past keeps missing out. He's all over this listing. Cool dude:cool2: Hope he gets it this time. Just put on the cnc anadized choke knob and bildge buddy from WHH. The stock choke knob is just a piece of fuel tubing. Ask Tony to make sure you get one. Trying to choke when hands are wet you just cant do it. Seems like you allways get some H2O in the boat so a drain is a must. I was just turning up sidedown and swimming in fuel and H2O. WHH also has a one way fuel cap piece thats pretty cool. Just drill small hole in gas cap and screw it in with lock nut. Now no fuel leak when turning boat upside down to get the lake out of it.:clown: Have a great day:)
I ordered all them goodies with mine and the Zenoah 260 Pro Modified maybe i should call them and get the 30cc homelite like you have in your new one it maybe to late though. anyone no what one is better the homelite are the Zenoah?
Thanks for the Info dude.
Hey Hurricain,
WOW, Awsome ride and we did burn a tank for ya. Had the 46" screaming on the river. Flipped it and had to go in and get her. Dryed it out and ran great. I caught the new one on fire. What and ediot. I pulled the plug and thought I got H2O in the cylender so I pourd a little fuel in it and pulled on the rope to flush out. the spark egnited some fuel I spilled in the head. Stupid me. No real damage. put back together and she ran great. Very fast. But the 46" with the 260 Zenoah beats em all. Stick with that cant go wrong. What a trip to drive. Hope ur day was sweet.
I got a quick response from Rocky Griner over at, and from what I've seen, they do a pretty good job in construction for boat and car trailers..

I asked about my boat 84" and was nearly floored by the price, but since they are the only trailer guys out there, you pretty much are at their mercy with pricing..

I might have to consider doing my own fabrication since I only get a break with volume sales..

I was quoted $2600.00 for one and roughly $600.00 off for a total of 3 orders.
DAMN thats Nucking Futs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he can keep his trialer for that cost.

i can buy the material and a welder and learn to weld for probably 1/2 that cost, then make as good or better quality trailers and sell them for less. lol
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