Need advice for Baja 5B - stock servo or HS5745MG

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I've searched the forum, but I haven't seen any real opinions on which is better. The stock Baja 5B steering servo or the Hitec HS5745MG. I've read that the Hitec can burn up if the EPA isn't set properly. However, people seem to think they are pretty reliable if the EPA is set correctly.

I've also noticed that the stock Baja servo seems to have more torque and has almost the same speed as the Hitec. However, when driving the Baja, it seems that the servo is slow compared to the Hitec in my Big Grizzly. The Hitec seems to really swing the much bigger tires around alot better than the stock Baja servo does with the much smaller Baja tires.

Any advice? Should I stick with my stock servo or upgrade to the Hitec?

I had a 5745 in my MT and it burnt up on me I'm not a fan of digital servos anyway:no: I have the stock servo with the metal gear conv. and is plenty quick enough for me.Most guys run the stock servo wit MG's over at the HPI baja forum and have no complaints about speed?????:)
imo. the 25.00 for the metal gears on the stocker is a nobrainer. cheap and reliable and durable. had mine coming up on a year 2nd week of June.
I plan on (already bought one) putting a HPI 5B servo in my XTM Grzzly steering. But need a servo arm with big 7.5 mm shaft pattern and in a 180 lever type like what was on the XTM grizzly, 5 b arms only come off one side? Any help?

Anyone know where to get the 7.5 whole straight across servo horn like on the Grizzly? Found a Duratrax aluminum one that comes with three adapters or bushings to go to standaed servo. I was wondering if the gear pattern was right to put it on the baja metal gear servo no bushing. It is 7.5mm on the baja servo I am using.
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I use the Hitec HS-805BB in my Fg Baja and haven't had any issueswith it and it dosnt have metal gears or anything. I think its morealess on par with the 5745mg apart from it's analog instead.
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