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I just put a set of the Multi Stud tire and wheel on all corners of my Stadium, it sure did make it alot lighter my problem now is that the front tires grip so good it causes me to flip everytime. I thought about grinding the studs all the way from the outside of the tire to the middle that should give me less traction, i am open to any other ideas.

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shock oil makes a huge difference . and also camber if you have the adjustable front A arms . try 45 weight in the front shocks , well thats the wieght i have come to like anyways .
Good luck and don't cut any of your tyres ..
elcon sells extended front axles to help out with that issue aswell
Ok Thanks, I am running the 45 in my shocks, these are actually off of my LST, I may try adjusting them up some to give me more spring.You said thatt someone has extensions for the front do they have a web site.
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