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OK I figured while I had my buggy apart and awaiting parts, That I would tear the diff apart (1st time) and add some diff fluid. Question is this, Ya know the 4 screws that hold the big gear on the diff case...Well on the last one the lock is spinning in the case. Is there any way I can get the screw out and salvage this thing or am I gonna find myself dremeling the head off that screw and buying a new diff case? I tried shoving a flat head screwdriver against it and turning the screw out but that didnt work. Any ideas?
Thanks guys, I figured no matter what the case would be screwed so I hammered a screwdriver down by the nut and managed to get it unscrewed. I was even able to salvage the case and put it back together.
I will still get a new case though...Just in case.
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