New addition to my RC family

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Hey folks, just bought this fg marder/beetle..(started it's life as a standard marder)
The Spec
27.2cc Ported and tuned Zenoah engine with walbro 603 carb (anyone have any experience with this carb?? as i have a spare 813 that i might use instead), TGN X-can (2XL stingers & X-port), K+N Style air filter(will be getting replaced also) on velocity stack. Steel spur & pinion gears, Carson pro differential & rear arms, Alloy brake conversion, Alloy gear holder, Alloy gear carrier. Alloy roll cage strengtheners, Alloy body posts, Polished FG Shocks, Hi-Tec HS805BB steering servo, Futaba throttle/brake servo, FG Stadium truck wheels, Baja rear wing
Some Pics

I've wanted one of these for a while now and done a deal with a guy for this one, anyways it's gonna be my little project (as if the baja is'nt enough) and it's gonna get the full polished alloy treatment.. what you guys think????
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Nice looking, and really nice paintjob. My brother have the FG Stadium, but he is looking around to get hold for a beetle body for it instead.
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