New Baja!!

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I'm so excited, bought a new one tonight off of eBay.

I kept trying to decide whether to get new or used. I looked at craigslist, different forums and everything. One guy sent me a pic of his from craigslist. The thing was absolutely filthy. He said he would clean it for me if I wanted. How nice of him. I mean, who wants to pay 800 bucks for something that looks like it was driven through a swamp, especially since it only had a couple tanks through it? Anyway, after waiting several days for responses on a couple others I finally said to hell with it and decided to make an offer on a new one! :celebrate:

I think my first purchases are going to be a redneck filter and the metal servo gears. I'm pretty excited. I have a Firehammer MT and I like that, but this thing will be easier to get parts for and there is a lot of stuff out for it!
Ahh, another turncoat addiction has made its way! lol

You ll be very Happy with the Baja and the FH for sure.
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