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I was surprised to find the stock bumper was made from alloy. As cool as it looks it simply doesn't hold up to repeated bashings or in my case nose

This is how mine looks after roughly 30 mins of running.


So I knocked up a quick and dirty plastic bumper out of some heavy duty pipe joiner to try out. The plastic seems perfect in that it is super tough yet is flexible and wont crack like regular PVC pipe. Hopefully it will provide enough cushioning in the event of an impact without busting anything else.


the idea of the front bumper on the mcd is to protect the diff hence the height the plastic bumper wont stand up to the treatment from a 4wd
the idea of the front bumper on the mcd is to protect the diff hence the height the plastic bumper wont stand up to the treatment from a 4wd

Sorry mate don’t quite understand you reasoning here. The stock bumper has a rigid support beam bolted directly to the diff housing so in the event of a high speed frontal collision the forces would be transferred straight to the small contact point on the housing which in my opinion would have a much greater chance of busting it rather than a flexible bumper that is not in direct contact. My idea is to (hopefully) absorb as much energy as I can via the bumper rather than the chassis and diff housing as was the case with the stock setup.

What my pic. doesn't illustrate clearly is that the bumper does have a slight angle which raises it a little so the only way my diff will cop a direct hit is if there is something protruding out at just the right spot from a tree, pole or wall which it hits. I was really trying to come up with something for my nose dives and this appears it might work for that.

Not saying im right and your wrong just that my theory make more sense to me :)
i know what you are saying in theory is right but when bad obsession had a runaway it was the bumper that took most of the impact the car went straight into a fixed dustbin post and it left a dent in the post we were suprised at how little damage was done bumper bent chassis front slight bent and a joint that fixes the arm to the chassis at the front that was the only damage
Is that a wrx i see in you garage??? they wont let us test drive those in los angeles, we tried last weekend..Im waiting for a forester sti in 08 i hear( im with you on the hop up plastic bumber)
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