new carb?

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I saw a new walboro carb with an accl. pump? Sounds entertaining, anyone try one yet?

I have an Mt with a stock 26 cc (for now, 28.5 is on the way) JetPro silenced pipe and everything else is stock. I am thinking about reeds and a accl. pump carb, anybody have any?

Please let me know.
Im happy with the purchase.The first thing I noticed with the reed and the Wt-813 carb was the sound, more distinctive ( <- right?) and its easier to run on luw speed/rev. I think its a great upgrade the engine. (I have ony tested it for 1/2 tank)

I have an 813 but not fitted it as yet, people on HBF say it seems to work best on the 26cc motors and not so well on anything over 29cc...maybe a tuning thing but I'm not installing my 29cc for a while yet. Will use it on the 26cc and see how it goes. :)
I got one on my reed ported 28.5 and it completed eliminated the slight stall/flat spot you get when going wot straight off idle...awesome starting issues without the choke either, few pumps and half dozen pulls and vroooom even when it's below freezing. the 28.5 in my ramp is getting one too. time to ebay my leftover 603 and 2x 668's
the 813 card will give you a bit more snappy respons. it can be a bear too fine tune.

if you have boght a Reed intake manifold it will give you some ekstra power. but to get full benefit from the reed valve dyou need a reed ported sylindr kit and a ported crank case. O´Neil brothers have what you need.

for more power i prefer the Walbro wt771. its the same carb as the 8123 but without the acc pump.

if you run nmotsly WOT the 813 is a greaty carb. but for track use and if you driev short passes and constantly rupp rupps onn the gas the engine tends to flood. in the meaning that it gets to much gas. forevery litle blip on the throtel the engien get a litle squrit of ekstra fuel. if you don't open the throtel full from time to time it gets to rich and will get deadspots.

teh 813 in my opinion i best suited om 29 to 30,5 cc engines. i hav tried it en 23cc, 26cc and 27,2 reed proted engines.
23 and 236cc engiens runs best with wt668 cards. the 27,2 reed engien runs bets with a wt771.
yes the wt771 is just a newer model 488 from what Sean told me and i have had thought the 488 was the best carb , my next carbs will be the 771 for sure ..
but all my models currently run the 813 and i myself don't or haven't had any issues tuning the motors with them ..
myabe the differences in the Local Climat is part of the problem.
hight abow sea level. barometric pressure. air dampness. and air temperature
influenses the engines. it might have som thing to do with it.

i Have never hade a problem tuning the carb on my car but i have several buddys that have run their engines with the 813 carb and hadde problems with tuning it.

when i switched from the wt813 to a wt668 on my 27,2 Reed engien it becom er firebreather. it becom faster off the line and i think i gained about 1000 rpm.
that's why I bought mine, only real difference between 668 and 813 is the accelerator pump that pumps a bit of fuel upto 1/3 throttle like a holley double pumper..or predator carb and it has no choke so flows better at wot.
the 813 totally eliminates the low end bog...i found it a cinch to tune and never had a problem with it loading the motor with fuel
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