New Carson/SmarTech 4WD Gasser

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Carson (Smartech) is on the way with a 4WD Gasser with 3 diffs and Shaft Drive.

Here is a link to info from the largest German Largescale dealer(Hobbythek):

Hobbythek is mantioning an RTR price of € 900 inkl. Tax (aprox US$ 1125 with tax and US$ 950 without tax)

Here is a link to the Smartech info, but in the Usual Chinese style, text isn't exactly accurate... (They write 2WD)

Here are some pictures, borrowed from the Hobbythek Site:




4wd is nice when you can actually use the front two wheels. The weight distribution is all wrong with that model, most of the weight is in the rear and when you accelerate even more weight transfers to the rear. The front tires may grab here and there but they would grab alot better if the engine was mounted in the center of the truck. that would also fix that excessively long front drive shaft, it looks a little suspect to me. I would be willing to bet money that it would be the first to go if you bound up the drivetrain. i watched a video of one of the MCD 4X4's they have such power that when you hit the throttle the front two tires just balloon and waste all that power.
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