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Bajastafarian Madnes
PLUS member
For anyone looking go get a new color on any of your aluminum goodies, I am set to start anodizing for your custom needs.

I can do parts up to a 1/5 scale OnRoad chassis or a bit larger.

anything aluminum. Car Parts, Bike/Quad parts, Hobby Gear, Motorcycle parts, ect.

Prices will depend on finish/color

estimation, for a stock baja to put a new matte finish and color on will be approximatly 125.00 including return shipping in the USA.

Polishing is time intensive so will be a seperate charge. all polishing is done by hand so it wont be cheap to have things polished.

If you have any needs or questions please feel free to PM me here, or better to Email me at BadClownRaceing at include items, sizes ( approximate) and color/finish desired and I will quote you from there.

I am hoping to have a website setup soon.

here are a few pics so you can see some results.

Bergonzoni Brave II

Berganzoni Brave II with Bull Front end

HPI Baja 5B

Currently I can do Red, Blue, Violet, Yellow, Gold ( Orange if in dye long like above), Green, Grey, and Black. Other colors can be done but will need to aquire the dyes for other colors.

I expect turn around time to be about 3 to 4 days from start to reship to you, typically sooner.
Thanks for looking and lmk.

Bad Clown Racing, Cuz every Bad Clown needs to fly his own colors!

I have a silly question: Do you remove the old anodizing (if there is one) and then apply a new color, or do you cover over the original color? :confused:

The reason I ask is because I prefer the metal to look like plain old brushed aluminum, rather than having color added. I have heard people say that anodize can be removed all together, but I did not have very good luck or a good finish with my own feeble attempts (oven cleaner). :(

yes, the old ano layer and color is stripped leaveing the raw aluminum, it then needs to be cleaned and/or polished to remove the tarnish (blackish colors) which is other metals in the aluminum turning black when stripped. there is a chemical used in the ano process that will strip the other metal clean to leave a nice raw aluminum, but if you just leave it without anodizing it or atleast sealing it up, it will start to tarnish shortly afterwards

once striped it can be rubbed or worked to give it that brushed look and anodized for a clear finish. the ano layer wont be as thick as a normally colored one to keep it clear. a normal ano layer is light tanish in color, most clear ano is what is termed Decrotive as its a shorter ano process creating a thinner layer which doesn't take on the tanish color, thus leaveing a regular aluminum color, but is still protected.
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