New Elcon Parts For Fg & Hpi Baja

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Just got some news from Onno over at Elcon. They are moving some of their production over to support the HPI Baja. They will have the following parts coming out:

1) rear upper arms (released this week).
(will upload picture later today)
2) lower arms (coming soon)

3) rims that are a direct fit to the baja but will be able to use fg or other 1/6 scale tires on them. (coming soon)

4) 4 shoe clutch (for the baja, FG, MCD, etc)

They are also thinking about adding all alloy adjustable shocks to the list. It is not definate yet but may happen.

They also have the following new parts(some not brand new) for the FG Vehicles:

1) alloy rose joints for the front upper arms

2) Helical gears for the drive train

3) Stainless steel hinge pins in various sizes

4)24 mm wheel hubs

5) Monster truck rim protectors

They are still testing out their own vehicle and are hoping to perfect and release it at some point in 2007. The buggy has been doing great at the track but they want it to be perfect before releasing it.
Very nice. I cant wait to see the Baja products

Do you sell complete packages? front ends or raer ends for a Leopard. Could you PM me with some info or if you like send them through e-mail at [email protected]
I was checking out the helical gear set, thast pretty bad ass.
Thanks a bunch
We have 15 on order and should be the first on the list to get them when they become available again.
Our clutches backorder is on its way, we are hoping to have them late next week. We still have a few left after backorders are filled.
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