New Old Rampage XT-E

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QUESTION 1: Is there any place on the internet where it is still possible to buy improved drivetrain components for the Rampage XT?

QUESTION 2: With an XT-E running on 8S with a stock chassis and drivetrain, what are my immediate concerns?

I've enjoyed 1/8 scale brushless bashing for a couple of years. Recently, I became intrigued by videos of the Traxxas X-Maxx. I was hesitant to buy one due to the very high cost. However, it got me interested in 1/5th scale rigs (electric only - I'm just not interested in gas rigs).

Without too much research, I just purchased a used Rampage XT-E for a good price. Since they are still being sold new, I figured that parts support would be fine. Oops! I should not have assumed! I see that both FLM and 7075RC have pretty much stopped making parts for the XT-E or XT. RedCat still sells some upgraded aluminum parts, but I don't know which, if any, are worth buying.

I love to drive fast and take big jumps, so I'm concerned with breakage. I don't mind breakage as long as I can find better parts to fix it with. Please respond to Questions 1 & 2 if you have knowledge of the XT.

FOLLOW-UP QUESTION - Will any of the beefier components from the MT work on the XT?