New Product: Bearing Kits for FG and Compatible RCs (IN STOCK)

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LSF Vendor!
LSF vendor
Sonoma County CA
Available for immediate shipment!!

Team FastEddy in conjunction with Team GoNads have released the long awaited FG Bearing kits.

There are 2 kits available:

  1. Full Bearing Kit:

    This kit includes all the bearings needed for your FG. Wheel bearings, diff, Etc.. This is a complete replacement upgrade kit to replace your metal shielded factory bearings with Hi-Grade Rubber Sealed Bearings.
  2. Wheel bearing Kit:

    This kit contains 8 wheel bearings to upgrade your factory metal shielded bearings to Hi-Grade Rubber Sealed Bearings.

This is a universal kit that is know to fit the following FG and Compatible RCs. The kit may contain additional bearings not used by all FG or Clones. All bearings are ABEC rated and of the highest quality available.

  • MT (Monster Truck All Models)
  • SportLine (All Models)
  • Marder
  • Leopard
  • Monster Beetle
  • EVO
  • Hobby Pro / TQ (All Models)
  • Additional RCs using the FG Compatible design.

Order a set today


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I have a set of his bearings. They are of very high quality.

I have noticed no grinding or binding or drag and since they have the rubber seals, maintenance is as easy as cleaning off the car.

I'd recommend a set to anyone looking to replace their stock bearings.
On behalf of TGN and myself, I want to thank everyone for their overwhelming support and purchase of the FG bearing sets. They are moving out like hot-cakes.

Its interesting how the factory ships an off road RC with metal shielded bearings rather then the more durable rubber sealed bearings that they should have.
Hey FastEddy,
Just about finishing a tear down on my MT, found a few problems that caused me to "want" a change on the bearings.
I found several of the stock FG bearings had small dirt particles in them leaving stop spots in there rotation, I installed a set of those new bearings and I'm feeling that the new ones being rubber shielded are going to make a huge difference. There not as noisy either! I'll tell you I wish I had the rubber shielded bearing before I had one of the cheap stock ones lock up on my lay shaft! Well worth the upgrade.:) :cool2:


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Im not familiar with this shaft.
Did a bad stock bearing cause the grooving?
If so, WOW!

Im glad your happy with the Rubber shielded set.
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