New Product! "Pro Series" Bearing Kit from Team FasEddy

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Team FastEddy is proud to announce 2 additional bearing kits to our lineup for the HPI Baja 5B.

We now have well over 1000 of our 24 Bearing upgrade kits out on the market. Our goal is to provide every Baja 5B owner with a bearing kit that suites their needs.

Simply put;The "Pro Series" Kit From Team FastEddy Is designed for the Baja builder that is looking for nothing but the best.

Kits will be available from DDM, TGN, and many other fine hobby dealers.
"Pro Series" Kits will be available within 30 days. Just in time to get a set to complement your Baja SS Build or to include in your Winter rebuild.

Team FastEddy Full "Pro Series" Bearing Kit.
All bearings are ABEC5 Quality.
Kit includes 26 bearings.

  • 8- Wheel bearings
  • 2- Clutch bearings
  • 1- Upgrade Output shaft bearing (Optional)
  • 4- Steering bearings
  • 2- Internal Diff bearings
  • 2- Internal Diff bearings (Upgrade from bushing to bearings)
  • 2- External Diff bearings (transmission)
  • 2- Gear bearings (Transmission)
  • 1- Output shaft bearing (Transmission)
  • 2- Flanged Brake shaft mod bearings (Optional)
  • 1- Team FastEddy Sticker

Team FastEddy Wheel Bearing "Pro Series" Bearing Kit.
All bearings are ABEC5 Quality.
Kit includes 8 bearings.

  • 8- Wheel bearings
  • 1- Team FastEddy Sticker

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post them.

I would like to thank all the folks that have purchased Team FastEddy bearings. Without you, there would be no Team FastEddy.

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