new to 1/5th help and advice wanted!

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west sussex
well, my names kristian im 20 and new to 1/5th!

I got this as part of a trade, not had a lot of time to do my research as i heard about it last night and had been and collected by this morning hehe.

As far as i know its a Technokit GTS but im open to ideas of what it is!

its in need of the brake and throttle servos, and radio gear.

here is a few pics of her, im just looking for general advice as its been sat for a while with fuel in the tank, he did start it for me thoe.

Nice score. Love all that alloy. Drain the gas, put in some fresh, she might need some carb cleaning.
it does look like a technokit, not sure which one. seems like it has a Hitech 5745 servo in steering duty. Hydro brakes front and back< SCORE! i would get t/b servos that give you atleast 280 in/lbs of torque (18 or 20 Kg/torque i think is about the conversion).

looks pretty clean but could use a bit of fine cleaning.

keep the airfilter clean and run it. (i would Dump the K&N type filter and grab a Baja 5b stock filter setup and cover it up with an outerwares cover ASAP)
mix at 25:1 to 32:1 gas/oil mixture and have fun.
i have already emptied the tank and cleaned it up nicely.

The air filter does have a sock kind of thing over it but i took it off for photos.

She is a beaut and the trade was worth around £200 so pretty good.

any advice or visual guides on carb cleaning and such?
heres a few shot after the drain and clean.

the sock is rather gruby, can i clean this through with nitro fuel as i have a fair bit spare?

Aslo what servos do you recomend for front and rear brakes and throttle
both are normal 1/10 scale servos.

i wash my outerwares with dawn dishwashing detergent and hot water. rinse well and reinstall.

i would say go for quality servos. im a fond of JR servos, the Z9000T or Z9001s are good. Ace also make good servos. 100.00 plus servos (about 50 GBPs) each. but worth the money.
nice job on the clean up. Looks Very nice! and killer deal at 200 GBPs. (about 400.00 usd).

Hi I'm new on here with the same car and I'm from the UK to!! Do you still own the car, if so do you race it anywhere?
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