New To Large Scale, Help ??

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Any one here one a Mutilator (H6). I am looking in to getting one and was wondering if the Firehammer or FG Marder parts will fit. Just the basic parts, like the wheels, front suspension, and gears. Thanks
The Mutilator looks like the Firehammer Buggy, so I assume all the parts will fit. You can also use parts from Traveller/Spider. I saw the price on these things at this website:

That's expensive! Equates to about $1100 Aussie dollars

Not sure what price you can get it for but at that price you are better off getting the Firehammer/Traveller/Spider for about half that price.
never heard of TQ racing before, but I've seen some one else on here having problems with delivery and parts. I guess the search goes on
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