new to petrol please help...


southampton, uk
hiya, am new to petrol, but not new to rc..... you can usual find me @ another forum.

anyways, i am having trouble starting my fg beetle. It was running fine and fast, last saturday whilst blasting accross the fields i failed to notice two large puddles.... ooppsss... all seemd fine at first then she was struggling. so i puller her back and she slowly died, i have been unable to start since... :(

i have fuel getting through and spark, the carb and air filter seem clean and clear. there is still compression.

please help it is driving me mad.

oh it is a 29cc fg beetle... :) if you need anymore info i wil try and help as much as i can, remember new to petrol... :)

thanks in advance

I would try a new spark plug first, If that does'nt cure it then its time to look elsewhere, Even though you have a spark, It may be breaking down under compression

waterlogged killswitch shorting out? if no spark from a bad plug you may of flooded it unknowingly, then after swapping to a new plug, it wouldnt fire becuz it loaded with fuel maybe.
no if the switch was shorted it shouldnt spark at all.

the only things you can do are

1. pull the spark plug out, turn it all on, wot it and pull your ass off. if its really flooded, you can turn it upside down like you would with a nitro and give it a few pulls. keep the exhuast of the buggy downward and you can get some of the excess gas to dump out the exhaust. but basically its keep it wotted and pull your ass off.

if you don't keep it wotted when you pull it over, you ll suck more fuel in and it will continue to flood a bit. eat your wheeties, if its flooded bad. you ll be pulling for a while.
If it was me dude i would be putting a new ring in straight away whilst the head is off checking head/piston ! drain any excess fuel out if any? make sure carb and filter is clean and dry! And you will have to take the fan cover off so you can check the kill switch clean/dry/lubed! All back together!
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