New Years R/C Wishes?

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What are your New Years R/C Wishes. Mine is to build a track for my sons 50cc Honda he got for Christmas and also use it for my R/C's so we can have a good race day in the back yard instead of packing them up to the park. Also hopefully pay down our credit cars so I can get another Baja.:cup-1: :cup-2: :cup-3:
Well BTB,I'm hoping uncle sam is better to me than Santa:( Had to sell my Baja and FG MB for financial reasons,and wish for another baja in 08:)
I almost had to do that when my well went out so I almost feel your pain. Sorry to hear that and hope your lotto wish comes true. :clover:
That sucks Frumpy. Hope everything starts to look up soon for you.

I get to find out late this month if I get laid off at work! They were really nice on Friday, December 21st, brought our department in an auditorium and announced in a nice way there would be "reductions". What a Merry fricken Christmas, it's like....don't spend anything...but have a good holiday! Maybe when things start to look good for you, you can purchase my Baja to help a brother out. ;)

I just wish and pray that the whole family stays healthy and me employed.
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