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Hey folks new on here... anyways just bought myself an FG MT off ebay and was wondering what ratio oil/fuel mix is best and also what oil to use I can get rock oil locally if this is o.k???

Also any other pointer's or helpful hints and tips or what parts benefit from upgrading etc. would be much appreciated,,,

Thanks for reading,,

Cheers for that frumpy.. a handy wee tool... what about oil etc what oil's are best and is there any way of improving the handling of the MT without spending a fortune....

Cheers for that frumpy.. a handy wee tool... what about oil etc what oil's are best and is there any way of improving the handling of the MT without spending a fortune....

for oil get synthetic i don't know what kinds you have over there. just stay away from the harware store oil for your chainsaw. as for handling change the oil in your shocks and get rid of the rear sway bar.
Just get a steel pinion.and keep the plastic spur as a weak link in the drivetrain:cool2: I use a good quality oil like Klotz or amsoil from motorcyle shops.
Cheers for the info folks much appreciated... what weight shock oil is a good all rounder for the MT... enough info here te keep ma busy for a wee while...
hi rudi

bro and i are from paisley and bad obsession is from kilwinning and cleggmeister is from dumbarton we normally run down at irvine beach on the sunday me and mark run leopards my dro runs mt and cleggy runs a mb we have a blast at the beach park and when we are brave enough venture onto the beach our video is posted on here you would be more than welcome to join us for a bash

whizzy (martin)

all three of us post on other forums as the same names
Cheers whizzy,, hopefully join you's for a bash sometime... i also post on a couple of other forum's under the same name.. am sure av seen a few of your names on other forum's... are you's also into RC boats.....

Hi Minimadness, congratulation on the MT. I love mine.
From experience and what I have read, a few weak spots in the MT, IMO are :
1- Plastic gear carrier. Too much play with the spur gear.
2- Plastic rear upper arms. Flex and might hit the spur gear during hard bashing.
3- Plastic radio tray. Too much flex with the pressure from the brake servo.
4- Set screws in the squares. Grind flat at the end of all set screws for better contact and apply good amount of loctight.
5- Rear brake does not provide adequate braking power.
6- The stock muffler robs power from the engine. Up grade to tuned pipe, x-can, or at least take the "gut" out of the muffler.
Hope that help.
Chop Suey.
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hey frumpy will get pics up as soon as, my bro has borrowed my digital camera on what seems to be a permanent basis..:nono: will try an get it back from him tonight........
I'd recommend an outerwears cover for the cooling fan on the motor, same deal (or a redneck filter) for the air intake - amazing the amount of the local scenery you end up with in there :) - more so if you are going bashing on sand.
Hi Rudi,

Ive always used 150ml of kcr silver venom(rock oil) to 5 litres of petrol, Regarding your shocks, 500wt fg oil in all 8 shocks works well

They will also help keep the motor from moving due to the two bolts from the guards to the motor not allowing movement front to back. This is one reason the upgrade to alloy motor mounts is not as important on the MT unlike the buggy's and clones.
Didnt know that BtB... this will probably explain why one of the engine mounts was broken when i got it although i knew the mount was broken before i bought it but this would explain why... side guards will be goin back on before i run it again... cheers buddy..
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