No more white rims and wing

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NW Indiana
I got some RIT dye and used it on my white rims and rear wing. The color I used is Royal Blue #29 and it only took 4 minutes of soaking to get this shade and color blue. I'm very happy with the results.





Now I just need the new HPI Sand Busters so I can put them on these rims.
I notice a white chassis I believe and also the rear upper arms have a new piece /spacer on them. Also the windshield which looks to be mounted flush within the roll-cage and more I see...
Thanks for the compliments guys.
phatdad and General you found all three parts
1-billet wing pins
2-rear shock tower
3-rear upper arm spacers

The weather is bad so I stripped the purple and got it all polished up, and also used the extra lexan from the new body to make the windshield.

Thanks again guys.
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