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When running my FG MT i get very little smoke if any and it worries me slightly, the engine has around 5-6 hours use so far. My friends have FG MT's, one 26cc which kicks out plenty of smoke and the other is 29cc and that kicks out plenty of smoke.

I have the needles set at factory and then unscrewed another 1/4 of a turn. The carb doesn't seem loose, and it runs and ticks over + starts fine, i just don't want a premature engine death.

Any help would be great.


check the oils your buds are using. im betting yours is probably smokless. or at least has a better tuning on it. i use Klots SuperTechnoplate and get nearly no smoke at all anytime. but when i used the AmsOil Professonal Saber, i had a bit of smoke when warming up but thats all.

if it is different then yours then you may want to take a closer look at what the differances are. most oils don't smoke once tuned well, but thats not to say ALL don't smoke. if your useing the same oil, and thiers smokes and yours don't, there is something that is different enough to cause it. it may not be detramental, but deserves a look to understand what it is and know your not going to be replacing the motor/topend anytime soon.

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