Nomadio React 110 suggestions

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United Arab Emirates
Hi everyone. I tried a couple of radio controller but I was not happy with my purchase so I already ordered Nomadio React 110 for my FG MT.

So if anyone has any suggestion, comments, or review please post it up so I can have more information about this radio controller because I already read about it and they're saying it's tight.

Thanks :D
i have a few early failures with my Reacts when they were first out. CS was good and got me new units asap. mine failed during a software upgrade and not while using my RCs. so atleast that was all good.

but the 3rd has been good to go so far. great range, with little to no delay in signal transfer and well setup for navigation.

being able to see the RX and TX battery levels is also a nice thing, though they do have both a Signal and low RX Failsafe.
Thanks for the info Timmahh. Yeah it's very good to keep track of the car voltage and other stuff through the controller navigation screen. I also bought a speed sensor. Now I need a good tutorial or make my own for the FGs :D
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