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I have the react...great radio but the battery sucks. At 900mha it starts dieing way too fast. i ordered the 2700mha from ballistic batteries. i'll let u know how it goes.
I wish the react had come standard with at least 1500mha. don't get me wrong the system itself rocks, its got so many features its mind numbing...but the 900mha batt has to go.
Well for the money it rocks. I put in 2700 pack and do not worry.

However most people are not charging the stock pack properly only using the USB does not get them up to snuff IMHO. I use a good charger for the first charge and they tend to last a good day of racing.
Where do you get the 2700 bat & I don't have my react in front of me right now so where do you charge w/a different charger?? Is there an adapter I have to get??
The 2700mha batt I got from I haven't tried the charger...What kind of charger can I use...where do we get it?
1) RF Link Large scale cars for the most part use Zenoah motors that are very RF noisy.

2) Large scale cars use larger and more servos and have more power issues then normal radios

3) Large scale cars have more servos thus they have more mixing needed. then most racing scales.

We not only are dedicated to those issues but we seek out the top large scale drivers for program input. Hessle Roskam World Champion 1:5 scale TC and Eric Poholsky ROAR National Champion are active in the development of the scale specific program in the Nomadio radios. No other R/C company is as dedicated to large scale.
1) Doesn't the spectrum technology in general take care of this issue? How is yours better then other leading units on the market?

2) Isnt the power needed by a servo addressed by the battery and not the RX? How does your RX differ from other leading brands in this aspect?

3) I guess I don't understand this one. Don't most Large scale RCs have 2-3 channels as most RCs do? Im new to 5th so I may need to be clued in.

How about TX functions and features?

I hear great things about your units. You statement that its the "Best" for 5th scale makes me wonder if I should dump my M-11 setup with spectrum for your unit. Im always after something better but it takes a hell of a lot more info then im able to find to make me think about changing. The statement "Best" is extremely subjective and Im trying to find out if whats "Best" for you is "Best" for me.

Why should I dump my M-11 for your unit?
I don't know if they are the best or not, but I sold my DX3 and got the react. They couldnt figure out why I would loose signal at about 150ft. I tried changing RX...and sent in my TX which they kept for over a month and told me nothing was wrong with it...WTF! With the Nomadio all those problems went away, plus it has 40 model memory, Spektum has only three, u can program every feature via your pc by hooking it to the USB port, and a bunch of other features which u may or may not use but its good to know they are there.
I love my Nomadio, i have 3 different models set up now, and i just need a couple more recievers to keep going.
With the nomadio radios, is there a way you can use spektrum receivers with them? I would love to get a react, but if I have to buy 3 new receivers for it, then I won't be able to. My pockets aren't that deep, unfortunetly.
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