Number 3 Spur

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Ok I am now done with the plastic Spur I keep melting the center out.Is there a Metal gear that I can change with the pinoin to give me more top end or is there only the stock metal gear for the stock pinion.Also I am running the Buggy MultiStud Tyre and wonder if this will change the way the truck runs since it's a 1.5 thinner then my Stadium and if it will should I go with a low end gear.
i don't think the problem is your spur gears. i think u should check the bearings on the layshaft. i think something is not right there the carrier should not get hot enough to melt the spur unless something else is wrong. as for metal spur gears and more speed if u switch to 20/44 u will have more topend. but i don't think anyone here in the states carries the 44t spur in metal. carries a steel 18/46 combo but its not cheap if u want to leave the same ratio.
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You need to change to an alloy gear carrier part #6439. Your gear is not melting it is the carrier that is melting. Change to the metal carrier and your gears will be fine.
That is not the carrier, that is the gear. The layshaft should not have contact with the gear, the carrier is what has contact with the layshaft.
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