Nutech Thunderbolt III Electric Conversion


Hey guys i found this RC in my mates shed a few days ago along with a baja 5b, still pretty new to all of this but i don't think ive ever seen a Nutech Thunderbolt with this type of conversion before, obviously looks custom, would just like to hear anyones tips or advice on what they think and what else do i need to get this all going? Cheers


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Actually the first thread was asking what model it was, now ive found out and then the post was no longer coming up so i made a new one on the nutech forum thinking mine must have been deleted off the general rc forum, sorry that my mistake of repeated threads has disturbed your way of peace, honest mistake mate.
Good day.
Looks like you have a homemade motor mount, not the best I have seen but ok. Looks like you may be able to adjust for different size pinions at the base of the mount where the vertical plates meet the angle stock. Tall gearing - pinion is larger than the spur so probably good for a 1 - 3S LiPos, though I would need more info on the motor (winds or kV) to make a better determination. You may be able to easily switch the pinion and spur and get a little more flexibility with power. Again, insufficient motor info. You should pull it and try to identify exactly what motor you have before going further. You still need an ESC, LiPos and receiver, as well as a transmitter/radio (obviously). Looks like you have a steering servo. Pics are low quality...

Hope that helps.
Pretty sure its a turnigy trackstar T20 3Y 730kv Brushless sensorless motor
So once i change the pinion set up and with the right ESC i should be able to run something like a 6s right?
Yeah pics wont upload high enough quality on here for some reason, ive figured out i need the ESC, transmitter/radio and lipo battery, will see how it runs on low voltage lipo battery first just to see how pinion set up goes but will obviously change that at some point now aswell, cheers mate!
Instead of trial and error you can calculate (rather approximate) the best voltage easily. For example, say your tire is about 5.5" diameter. 3000 rpm at the tire will get you around 50 mph.

kV * voltage gives you pinion rpm. Turn the tire one full turn and watch how many turns the pinion makes. This will give you the ratio of the whole drive train (by observation). From the ratio you can calculate voltage.

Let's say your pinion turns 3.25 times for every wheel turn, therefore 3.25:1 so... 3000*3.25 = 9750 rpm at the pinion. 9750/730 = 13.4 V, so 3S would work for this scenario (bear in mind that you will have losses due to friction, etc.).
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