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For those wanting to really get down to brass tax with Zen motors check out the Oddified ECU unit great item from the IFMAR 1:5 scale world champion!

A breakthrough in engine management!

The ecu`s are in the final stages of development now, with many new features not originally implemented.

Not only does the module have pre-programmed ignition timing built in to suit different engines and pipe combinations, the lcd display also displays the peak engine rpm of the engine after each run(useful for checking gear ratios), the actual current engine rpm, the elapsed time of that run in hours,minutes and seconds(useful for checking fuel economy in qualifying before the final) and also an accumulative timer in hours, minutes and seconds which can be used as an indicator of the total amount of time the engine has been run for servicing etc.

The display scrolls through the information automatically when the engine is ticking over, when the engine is revving, the lcd display shows the current engine rpm which can obviously be used for checking your clutch pick up point etc.

The units are potted in resin to prevent any vibration problems and also makes the module itself completely water proof.

Any future software updates can easily be programmed in to the ecu, as is the customers name which also appears on the display.

All this with just two connections to the kill switch/wires!.
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harris the big deal with the oddified one is that it does not require a seperate power source. the rules for europe will not allow u to run a ecu that needs power other than what is supplied from the motor. i don't know what the rules are for here. this does many of the same things and cost alot less than $400 . http://www.davesmotors.com/store/product4.html
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The Oddified ECU can be raced world wide this one has rules issues. :(
But if your not racing then hey have at. Oddified ECU does much more then this unit but it is also much more money.
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