Offroad capablity?

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So what can these things do? They are only 2 wheel drive. I don't like the way the mcd are built and they are expensive. Could they go offroad like a 1/8 scale 4x4 becuase of the big tires?
look at the video thread posted by Bigger the Better. report back what YOU think after watching them.
I suggest watching GodDamnSweeds vids. he has a knack for them.

I agree with Timmahh, watch some of the videos here on the forum and you'll see for your self just how nice large scale really is!

Agreed, these trucks are great off road. I run in the dirt, grass, mud, gravel, and on asphalt and its great all around. These things can even get airborne quite nicely :)
Can't beat a large scale and the FG trucks are a pretty good choice for allround terrains although IMO you get the best out of a monster on ashphalt.
I had SO MUCH fun running my FG today I ran out of petrol...twice! Thats about an hour and a half driving gone and all I had to show for it was a grin from ear to ear :clown: . Try running a nitro for an hour and a half - 10 tanks and about 5 tunes and overheating to boot :no:
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