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Speaking of Michael S from the old FGPerformacerc and old rc sellers. Has anyone seen or heard from Ralph from FGPROs.com? I see his site is up, and it has a # in CAL. I might call to see how he is.
For those of you who don't know, Ralph, like Michael was another great FG person, whos job moved them out of the FG business. I got a bunch of FG stuff from Ralph when i was getting started in this gig.


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don't know ralph but as you know i knew michael very well and he truly set a good example for all the other fg suppliers that came after him over there in the states. no moa as you know michael was top notch and the only other person in the sport that has the same standards, morales and great prices + awesome support is simon from www.sbracing.co.uk. we need more genuine guys like this as they look fter there customers with positive tech. support and fast shipping ;-] don't get me wrong there are other goodfellas out there but because its a specialist sport i've only had the honour of knowing fg performance and sb racing.
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