OMG it fricken works

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near my fg
ok, so we go back about a month ago, i had posted pics of a pipe I was building for my MT, well, i finnaly got it done this week and gave it its first test yesterday, more of a on the bench test to make sure no leaks where going to ruin my project, after about 15 minutes of idleing i was convinced.
So today I rebuilt the truck and decided to take it outside and actually test the pipe on the truck, my first impression was :clown: this pipe doesn't only sound bad-a$$ it actually performs extremely well. The front end was popping up and sitting the rear firmly on the wheelie bar as if nothing was holding it back. Wheelies come not only from a dead stop but from "on the roll" also and not just once in a while but practically every fricken time i hammered the throttle. I need to do more work on it now and make it a single piece pipe now that i have my correct measurements and correct tube angles.
Total cost for all this ??? about 20 bucks :blush:
heres a re a few pics of it installed ...



Nicely done Eric, very beautiful. Does the shell fit ok with it? and would you have to cut a hole in the shell where the the pipe is pointing?...
I hope you didn't run with the antenna resting on the pipe like that though...:)
I was hoping to here it worked out for you - Can't wait for the recipe.
How did it do for top end? Any chance you can get some video of it?

Good job!!!!
don't worry,Minh,didnt run it with the antenna wire like that :)
and yup, top end was there no problem, a vid will follow soon but i need to order a new layshaft first with bearings cause mine is worn and the bearings are shot.
not yet, been working 80 hours weeks since last week and the only free time i have it fricken snows......
the pipe is still at the welders for the final welds i had made and didnt even get a chance to go pick it up yet.....
maybe this weeked if i find some time off ill make a short vid.
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