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Do they make on-road tires for the buggy rims? If not for the buggy rims, how about the marder or horman rims? Sorry for all the questions, I am a NewB to FG stuff.


not sure on the rims sizes. i think the buggy and onroads are basically the same, with the MT and ST tires being different.

but if so, then just buy onroad rims/tires. they all use the stnd square drive.
Thanks T,
I'll look into it.. The only thing is that I don't want to put an on-road car rim, because I think the diameter will be too small. I will look and see if there are on-road tires that will fit maybe a marder or leopard rim.

I would like some on road tires for my Leo. I have a set but the insides of the wheels rub so bad in the front that they don't roll.
Rims for the Marder

You should be able to use the rims from the Beetle On-road which allow you to run FG Tires. The rims are offset and come in two variations of width, the narrow rim being similar to the Buggy tire width. The wide version is about 25% wider. But these rims will enable you to run street tires, and being that they are roughly the same diameter (a little less) you do not have to worry much about gearing or run time if that is an issue.

Good luck, hope this helps somewhat.
You need to buy the tyres and rims to suit the fg trucks,the rims are the same size as the off set leopard rims,then for the rear you can get a rim extension to glue onto a pair of the wheels,that way you can run the wider rear tyres to :cool2: :cool2:
forgot to say,i would advise you NOT to go for the king cobra wheels and tyres.........the wheels break and the tyres are to hard,so go for the FG option,as for the FG rear wide slicks go for a medium compound cause the softs don't last 5 minutes
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