Onroad baja

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We have water restriction here so I have to stop wasting water cleaning the baja and going onroad for awhile :clown::clown:


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Damn, that baby is low and mean. I can say you will smoke those ST tires quick on the pavement. I wasted a couple sets that way, though they do hook up when the knobbys are gone!!!
I am still using stock 29 stuffed crank engine .. looking at getting the esp 30.5.

It is hevier now but I love the look of it especially when you drive it coming toward you .. it looks very low and very wide which I like :clown:
That is one sweet low rider. Any chance you will be getting hydraulics fitted for some nifty bouncing action?:clown:
Oh, and heck with your watering ban!!!! :glare: :stick::clown:
Oh, and heck with your watering ban!!!! :glare: :stick::clown:

I wish!!! They actually employ goons to drive round the 'burbs and check for people watering their gardens and washing their cars - on the spot fines are issued. Our state govt are dildo's - like the dams ran low over the last few years - yeah right, its been an ongoing issue that just got outta hand as the population grows.
thats a slick looking baja.
almost makes me want to sell off the berg stuff and get an SS and road it up.
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