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I think thats all you would need is some F1 tires front and rear. Or you can get the giant on road MT tires, But a used set of F1's should work.
I'm sorry I plain forgot about the gearing had to go look at the onroad gears I had for it. I was told to run 18/46. Never seen anyone change shocks on it, but then again haven't seen any other on road MT's yet.
I think for just bashing, you may be able to just leave the gears alone.

Look at the FG Sportsline Semi tires too. They may look a tad bit better on the truck.
For bashing you may be ok but, from what I was told, due to the onroad car and semi tires being smaller in diameter you will top out real fast and spin the heck out of them. I bet off the line you would be the fastest though. If your running plastic you can change them out real fast for under $19.00. FG6427 & 6428 :)
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