Ooooooohhhh Yeeaaahh

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I finally got a Baja :)
Just thought I would let everyone know :) :) :) :) :)
Time to start ordering some mods....
Thanks guys, man I'm so excited.
I cant wait, tomorrow is the BIG day.

What should I do first?
I have a list, not really sure what to do, I love the sound so I'm thinking pipe first.
You will not be sorry. I have had mine for just over 2 weeks now and have made 4 orders to DDM. Now I have to wait as everything else I want is out of stock. Take the stinger off and run a couple of tanks through it, then start modding away.
I cant wait to get this going.
I have to get some oil.
I'm going over my list to see what is "necessary" ;)
Oooooh crap. Eat my 1

HUH, what the heck does that mean?

I finally got to take out the Baja. What a blast. I was a little hestitant at first because my FG is so fast, boy was I wrong. This little 23 really screams, even stock. In fact, I'm keeping it that way. I really like the sound of the stock motor/exhaust. I'm going to end up bolting on everything available for the Baja instead of doing anything to the motor. I'll wait for that to blow :).
Oh yeah, there was a little damage, the pinion bolt snapped. Not bad for the first thrashin.

Well, took it out for a thrashing today. This sucker is really built like a tank. I went down to a sand and gravel pit, it was great. A nice fresh pile of sand with an even better roadway leading to the top. It was roughly 50ft high. I had to do it, got a nice head start and launched it off, at the same time crossing my fingers. I was very amazed the way it handles in the air. Thankfully it landed in the bottom of the pile so there was plenty of cusion, amazing enough it landed on its wheels. Took it down the other end where its rough and more dirt than sand. It climbed a hill that had to be around 40' like it was nothing. There was also a nice little jump from a dump truck dumping a load in front of a road to stop cars from driving up the dirt hills. That was the perfect jump and lead up to a nice peak where my car ended up going over. Man what a great time, sorry for blabbing, it was awesome.

The only thing that kind of pissed me off, I took off the stinger (everyone recommended me to) it melted the crap out of my wing, no more wing.
Another thing, it seems like I always have to rev the motor to keep it running.
Whenever I stop, it stalls.
Any recomendations on what to do?

Thanks guys.
I might be missing something but, If you have it tuned for the performance you want just raise turn in the the idle screw till you get the rev you want.:)

Sound like a lot of fun. Glad to hear you had fun, any chance you can bring a camera and catch some video?:cool2:
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