ouch this hurt


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sandiego ca
well i successfully jacked my jetpro3 darnit but i had fun i managed to fill it with water and freeze it overnight to get most of the dent pushed out now it is back on my baby running good wonder what would of happened to the dominator??




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well in reply to the wondering about the dominator. I jumped mine off the 12 foot table top we have here on my track, and landed it right on its ass....normal for me...and well it was horrbily dirtied....I had to dust it off....thats it...just dust it off....its tough as nails I tell ya!
It looks like you jacked up alot more than just that pipe.Those arms look bent as well.Shocks are bent to wow what did you do???That must of been a good one.
Mine is the buggy in front on the pic, I had some damage as well. Phatdad's track is awesome, but took a toll on the buggy's. I didn't realize it at first but my dominator is bent, I bent a shock shaft, broke a steering turnbuckle, stripped the steering servo gears, broke the front shock tower, and pulled the screw out of the upper rear shock mount, but it was fun...!
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