OutFrontFrames Carbon Fiber Products

United States of Texas
First off BIG thanks to Eddy for inviting us over here.:D:D:D
Secondly, some of you may know who we are. For those who don't we are OutFrontFrames. At OutFrontFrames ,or OFF for short, we manufacture carbon fiber and plastic parts for the RC industry. Lately the majority of our attention has been focused around the large scale market. Mostly the HPI Baja 5B. You can view or purchase our parts from OutFrontFrames or DDM and soon TGN as well.
Our gallery is located here.

We also offer machine services for your company. So let us quote your next project today or give us a chance to save you money on your existing products. Big savings in your production costs could only be an email away. We work with wood, plastic, composites, etc. We are a fully digital shop. For more information please email at [email protected]

All of our HPI Baja 5B Carbon fiber parts also carry the OutFrontFrames Basher-Proof Guarantee. Which states:

If you have purchased or plan on purchasing a carbon fiber Baja 5B part from OutFrontFrames you are now covered under the OutFrontFrames Basher-Proof Guarantee. If you break one of our parts under normal bashing/racing/driving conditions we will replace it for free, no questions asked.
All you need to do is send the part back to us (and all the pieces if applicable) as well as shipping for the new part back to you. In doing this we can evaluate the part for weak spots. This will help us make a better stronger part for you, the consumer. Standard wear and tear is not valid. Parts manufactured for other vendors not valid. Surface scratches and blemishes from normal racing/bashing/driving not valid. Returned parts will be examined for hammer marks, vise teeth marks, etc.. :D .. Just had to throw that in there.
So go ahead and give OutFrontFrames Carbon Fiber a try today.
Great performance, high quality and durability don't have to cost a fortune.
Another first in carbon fiber from OutFrontFrames.
The way it should have been.

Once again thanks to Eddy for the invite. As always email me [email protected] with any questions you may have.
Dealer inquiries invited.
Great to see you made it over here Wes.
I installed a few of the CF parts I got from your website the other day. Ill have to say the fit was perfect on all of them.

Until I read the GUARANTEE you offer on your parts I had been pondering trying them or not. Now its a no brainer how can I go wrong. Your prices are much lower then HPI OEM and Vertigo.

Keep up the great work. Any chance you will be making parts for the FGs soon? Seems to be a void in the market.
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