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so for you PayPal junkies. I don't keep any money in my PayPal account, so if i want to purchase something, won't paypal take the money out of my Bank account without delay or charges? I went to their site, but i couldn't find what i was looking for.

Is it better to use a Credit card or a bank account?
use a credit card because you get scammed you are usually covered by your credit card company. Paypal is useless when it comes to claims.
I'm with fgbasher.....Use your credit card. I have PayPal set up for both but I almost always go to my credit card
one thing about direct transfers via paypal from the Bank,

if your sending 200.00 via paypal, you need 400.00 in the back. reason is they pull 400.00 on the account. 200.00 is sent, and 200.00 is held in reserves until the money is fully into the sendees account. that way you cant send money via the bank account, get your item shipped out, and then close the account effectively stopping the payment so you get your money and the shipped item.

the poopy side to this is Paypal puts that 200.00 on hold at your bank, so if you have a check come in at the same time, you may overdraw your checking account.

ive went with useing my cc too. than i just need to go pay the bill at sears.
paypal doesn't work like that for me? it takes exactly what i spent, not a penny more. i have an account set up at my bank to back up paypal, and if i go over the amount i have in paypal it only takes the extra out of my bank account. not more, and there are no holds on anything.
it happens instantly too, no holding of funds. i got the paypal credit card, its kinda handy.. i can spend paypal funds anywhere.:ph34r:
you know, that only maybe when sending an Echeck. its been a long time since i didnt use my CC thru paypal.
Yeah i think they must have changed it as I have always and will always use PP linked to a savings account (not crediticard) and it only takes out what I send as payment and nothing additional
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