Photos from RAMS 5th Scale Race Event Northern CA

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LSF Vendor!
LSF vendor
Sonoma County CA
Today I had the pleasure of going to my firs 5th scale event ever. All I can say is these guys have SKILL! Its not like the 10th scale racing I do. The on-road RCs are much different then my Baja 5B as well.

I attended the events as a spectator and to help promote our new FG High performance ABEC-5 Kits Distributed by We gave away free sets to the winners of the A-Main Events. Hope you guys enjoy them and put them to good use.

I have a lot more photos but here are just a few.










WOW, that looks like a nice big track. Wish it was closer to me.

How did Ted do? The rookie.......

Thanks for posting pic's!

Mark Hull
I think Ted with DarkSoul took 3rd Place.
Hes a relatively new driver. Most of the 5th scale guys at this club are old hands at this and have been doing it for a while.

There were only two drivers in Teds class. :D
No trucks. That would have been cool to see.
I took a bunch of shots. I filled up 2 1 meg chips. I had to set it on continuous fire to get the shots. I only got 1 good shot for every 4-5.

I should have posted a link to the club site. They are in the South Bay
The RAMS club races are in Santa Clara, CA, about 30 min. south of San Francisco. You can check them out as well as their schedule here-

There is not a race truck class as of yet, no one has one, and we would need at least 4-5 people to show up and race them for the club to add a class. Also the timing gate would have to be raised about 4 inches to clear them.

Myself and a few others have considered getting the trucks, but I think the ealiest it would happen is maybe next season.

The next race is August 19th, and will be a NATC race, so you can expect to see much larger classes. I believe the plan is to have 10 car fields, which for those that have never been to a 1/5 scale race, is insane. Makes for a lot of great action.
I have to give him some grief. :D
Think it was only his 2-3rd race and honestly, hes doing great. It seems as if most of the drivers there have been racing for a long time. From what I see it would take most people a full season to get up to speed. Last thing you want is a noob on the track with the seasoned drivers. Its a recipe for an expensive day.

I told Ted I was going to call my Bookie and place a bet for him to win, place, or show. :)
You can get all the info you need for the 5th scale sedan / F1 races here -

The next sedan / F1 race is the 19th and it is a NATC race, so there will be a lot of people from the west coast. It will be a good race.

The actual track location is in the parking lot of Mission College in Santa Clara, CA.

Hope to see some more faces there

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