pic of my baja and upgrade list

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hey guys. i decided to do a quick and dirty rebuild after sandbash 2007. just so i could run some more before the snow flies.



hpi baja 5b rtr
ESP 30.5 cc full port and mod
turtle racing diff with 20,000 weight xray premium diff oil
darksoul rear axle extenders
covered wheel nuts
hostile mx's
tgn pipe
robonson racing speed gear set.
off/turtle ultimate brake kit.
cf spur gear plate.
turtle steel bell.
elcon clutch
billet intake
813 carb
tgn redneck
atx front windsheild
skinny daddy rear shock tower
rhino roof scoop
billet fuel filter
tgn plug protector
rc4wd billet engine mount
clear fuel line
hitec 5745mg steering servo with 1.5 inch aluminum servo arm
3800 mah batt pack
futaba 3pks with 2.4 ghz fasst system
probably forgot some stuff too.

AND... i have ALOT more to install over the winter including a T.S. reed case motor with T.S. headkit and so much more. insert evil laugh here.

How much of a difference did the robinson speed gear set make for top end compared to the stock? I just have a 23cc and an X-Can and was thinking about trying this out.
i couldnt really tell. i was running it on the sand so top speed with the bumps? i am going to beat the snot out of it today and will let you know what i think of it. i can tell yuo that it turns sand into fine dust and doesn't show any wear from new. as well the elcon looks very good too. has some sand marks/ little holes but no noticable wear.
I wish we had sand in Missouri. We have an "oceans of fun" amusement park, but I don't think they would appreciate me running my baja there. :)
well i completely bent a shock when running. but that didnt stop me. i ran it with almost no suspension travel in the rear. hit a little rock flipped upside down and bent the tgn pipe bracket. pulled it apart. looked like i bent the header but it was just the angle of the bracket holding the pipe on. the top speed is definately improved with my setup. very noticable difference between stock gearing and the rr speed set.
thanks. wait until i am done with it. that is only about half of the stuff i have purchased. and no, i don't build shelf queens. believe me it will get used. i had to pout that in there. i get asked all the time, arent you afraid to ruin those parts. the answer is no. if i put it on and it doesn't hold up then i take it off. one thing i haven't been able to find though is something to hold up to the tourque of the esp 30.5. the stock and the H.D. dogbones both twist very quickly. the hd's only lasted about 15 minutes before they were almost twisted 90 degress. i would really likt ot see somebody develope a constant velocity drive shaft for these.
i have em.lol. sitting on my rc table. but they are still only H.D. dogbones. that is the issue i am having. the dog bones are always going to twist etc... no matter what you do to them unless you can get rid of any slop at all from new. that might be an idea instead of developing cvd's or something some shims of sorts to elimintae any slop. the backlash is what deforms them. and, just so you know, i think the only things i don't have are aluminum arms. i wasnt sure of the need for them. i have been recieveing great recomendations for them though. anybody here run them. and thoughts on them.
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