pics of my truck


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toronto canada
now how did u get the pics on here and so big?? i had a hell of a time posting mine and there less than have the size of yours:blush:

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I noticed you're using hard compound tires in front. Better for offroad and jumping ?

That one is a bit controversial. My MT came stock that way but some came the opposite. Being off road some say the M in back will grip better and some say the M is better in front for steering. Myself it has made no difference in steering and no matter what I have in the rear the tires spin like heck when on the throttle. if you look at your Manual from FG you will also see they have the H in the rear and the M in the front, but the part numbers are for the opposite? As Tootsie says "The world may never know". I've never been one to think it matters when you thrashing it through mud, dirt, rocks, sand, and smacking into things - More important on road to me. :)
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