Pictures of MCD Race Runner

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Anyone got some pictures they can post of their MCD race runners. I am really interested in getting one and I would like some ideas for painting the shell. Also, if you got any custom made mods that you want to show.

Strangely enough (or not maybe) I've noticed most MCD's end up with some red/black paintscheme, I guess this is because of the coloured rose joints and other suspension parts.
Here's mine

As for mods, well the throttle linkage is a must to replace, I fitted med springs to the rear, other than that I have a KCR lightweight alloy gear plate but haven't fitted it yet and will probably run the long travel kit for the front end eventually
They look sooo beefy, I can't wait to get mine. Just gotta get rid of my FG Baja now..
Monaroman, I was thinking about doing a blue and white scheme like the yamaha colors might look good. I should have it by the end of the month. We'll see
How many MCD's do you own?
If you have a used one I might be interested or if you know somebody that has one.
1 MCD only and it will only ever be one. Shells though... well sometimes one likes a change - I see an FG stadium body on mine like the RCnuts one when this body gets thrashed.
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