Pinewood Derby help.

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Over the years I have been a huge supporter of our local Boys and Girls club. For the last 10 or so years I have been in charge of new activities. Over the years I have built and donated a huge amount of RCs, setup and run races and helped promote sportsmanship with the younger group.

We have decided to build a permanent track for pinewood derby cars this year. We think its a great opportunity to have the kids learn some basic skills of building. Just like anything worthwhile, we are looking to build a good quality track with a scoring / timing system. Its all being done VIA donation of time and money so there is somewhat of a budget involved.

Is there any kind of "Official" standard for the tracks?
Does anyone know of pre-made blueprints for a good track?
Scoring system?

Help from anyone on this would be truly appreciated not only by me but by the kids and the community. I don't mind one bit, but like usual, its in my lap to get the ball rolling.

Wow, Been nearly 30 yrs since i ran the pinewood dirby in cub/boy scouts. Damn Eddy, you Sure know how to make a guy feel OLD!!!!.

i would think there would be some type of rules, i remember there was when i did it. car size, weight, ect.. track i don't remember to much about.
i would think there could be info at the national boy scout website. if there is one, which i would think there is.

Great to hear you supporting the local youth!!!!
We have a few things in the works.
The Scouts have taken an interest and may want to combine efforts. One of them has a track in not do good condition that want to donate. We are also looking at new ones. There is some great stuff out there thats not to expensive and looks to be a good permanent solution.

Keep the info coming. It all helps.
My neighbor's son got the kit through the boy scouts, but just wouldn't do anything with it. A few days before the race his father and I sat down at the lawn table and I dragged out a band saw, air brush and a few other tools.

On the day of the race, he didn't win, but he won the "Most likely built by dad" award.
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