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Sydney Australia
Guys, I'm close to getting an MCD RR, just bought a stock g260rc for $230aud coz I had the chance to get a good price, now I can also get a decent price on a Jetpro for the Racereunner but before I committed I was wondering if anyone else knows of any pipes made for it or that will fit it?
IMO, the best option is the Samba, I can't make comparisons as to performance, but I don't like the routing of the Jetpro, plus the Samba is 2 piece, so removing the engine is straightforward.

Oh, and it sounds sweet :)

Nice, it might help to balance weight of the car out a bit more rather than the rear mounted jetpro too, is there anywhere with a good price on the samba? I only found Largescale RC and with shipping and converted to aud its a bit much compared to the jetpro @ $225 aud delivered.
Hadn't even considered the x can, is performance anywhere near the samba or jetpro? Lets say the samba adds 1.5HP and the jetpro say 1hp, what would the x can be around powerwise, 1/2 hp or a bit more like 3/4hp?
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