Piston Stopper diamention

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Hamilton Ontario Canada
can any with a piston stopper please measure the lenght of there piston stopper from the bottom of the threads for me so i can make one at work . doesn't have to be completely accurate even a tape measure if you don't have a caliper handy ..

Thanks for the help ..
no take a piece of rope only for a pull starter or something similar to that rope. I use a new clean piece of rope and keep it in a zip lock baggy to keep it clean for future use.

remove the spark plug, feed in a few inches of rope, roll the motor to TDC> the piston will push the rope to the top, and then will hold the piston from rolling over TDC. when done back the piston off of TDC, and pull out the rope.
heh, been doing that trick since the early 70s. lol
back then it was the standard.
then some Colledge Educated Idiot ( what we call engineers here, lol )
said eeww thats BAD BAD BAD For a motor, you have to use this for it to work "Properly" and now everyone has a piston stopper and forgot the 80 yrs the rope trick worked prior to the piston stoppers introduction. LOL>>>>

but ya, im a tight ass too! lol
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