Plastic diff gear plate fail / pinion bearing seized???

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Driving my redcat chimera when i noticed the motor turned off. Odd because this motor has never turned off on me in over 3gal of fuel. Looked at the car and noticed i can see the clutch belland a shiny metal piece that i never seen against it. Tried to turn
the wheels and heard metal to metal contact in the clutch area. Took off the gear plate cover to see the pinion was pushed in and almost not in contact with the second gear it meshes with. Melted gear plate and on the other side pulled out the clutch bell and noticed the inner pinion bearing was seized will not move. From the friction of the plastic and metal spinning my gear plage is toast. Why did thia happen and whats the best aluminum gear plate to buy? Also im going to try and get better quality bearings so this doesn't happen again. Any suggestions on the bearings for a redcat chimera gear plate and also a aluminum gear plate? He 7075rc one looks good but says due to hollow design its intended for on road use, i run my car mostly off road