Plastic?? Plastic???

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How come the "metal" servo upgrade kit doesn't upgrade the biggest gear (the one that the servo arm attaches to) to metal?? Am I missing something here??
i ve read/heard bout one gear in the system needing to be plastic, something about the electronics hum that may happen in the system if its all metal.
i broke the big gear the output shaft that the servo arm mounts on.took it clear off the stock servo i bought metal gear upgrade and rebuilt it but still has plastic output shaft gear but i have a hitec HS5745MG in it now and it works real good i also have muliplex rino as a back up so i will be all set for bashing
All of the other metal gear servos I own have metal gears at the end of the gear train, not the beginning. Really weird that the gear that takes all the abuse is still plastic.:no:
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