The stock plug is good or you can go with the NGKCMR7H which is around the same temp plug. They should last you forever in that engine.:) Yes you can get them at the auto store and they may need to order them in so call ahead.
Yes champion are stock plugs but are very good! Or try the NGK Irridium racing spark plugs CR7 HIX / CR8 HIX These are amazing spark plugs but you will have to cange your plug cap but your better off doing that anyway because the stock one is rubbish look on ebay for them!!!
Why do u have to change the cap for Irridium? What does the Irridium plug do the the others don't? I've seen that plug before but never asked about it.
NGK Irridium competition spark plug,higher speed range! Longer time of exposure! Improved starting function! You don't have to change the plug cap,unless you got the screw on tops!
i run irridium plugs in all my quarterscale cars and sprints they last a long time and work better than the regular ngk plugs they are more expensive but perform better imo.
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